The Clark Family

Meet the Clarks.

This beautiful family returned to Sydney for a short & sweet visit last week and boy, was I so thrilled that I was one of the few people who got to meet the new addition to their family!

5 month old Kensie with her gorgeous, mesmerizing eyes left me super speechless – and slightly jealous!

(haha, I want grey coloured eyes too!)

It was so beautiful to watch Mel & Ben give her gentle cuddles and sweet kisses

Watching them work together to get her to fall asleep in their arms was also a great sight!

They made it look super easy!!!

I couldn’t help but “awww” every 10 seconds! I almost could have put the camera down and just played with her haha!

Anyway here’s a handful of selections from the session. Looking forward to sharing some more!!!

I hope you guys have something fun & fabulous coming up this weekend!!!

It’s almost here!

xx Bianca.



Rahardja Family Photosession

I know it has been quiet on the blog side of things but here’s something I’ve been so excited about for a couple of weeks now!

The Rahardja family are back in Aussie land for a few months and we wanted to make sure we grabbed some family snaps before they head back over to East Asia!

It was such a great session!!!

And as you can see the little boys aren’t camera-shy (at all!!) which made all the difference for JJ and I!

We had so much fun snapping away on the day and I hope this set brings you guys joy too!


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